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30 May, 2011

BACKSTORY: Domestic violence a legacy of Timor conflict

It's a topic that can be tough to talk about and very often it isn't talked about domestic violence and sexual violence and we're looking the situation in East Timor.

Presenter: Liam Cochrane
Speakers: Dr Sara Niner, Monash University; Mira Martins da Silva, the Director of the non-government organisation, PRADET; Margaret Gibbons, a doctor with Fatin Hakmatek, which provides care for victims of domestic violence, sexual assult, child abuse and abandonment.


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  1. "I will also argue that those pushing women to return to ‘tradition’ are simply advocating a subordinate role for women".
    Dear Dr. Sara Niner, I am Seba (facebook) Seba Guterres, I just want to drop these lines to state that I might agree some part of the abstract of the presentation on "Domestic Violence a legacy of Timor conflict", but the above quoted statement I absolutely disagree with the statement since it is in the Timorese cultural value woman are valued and put so high as a central symbolic nature of our culture. Meantime, when referring to "Timor-Leste as a post conflict country", one cannot just say and compare that such thing only happen in Timor-Leste, this phenomenon happened throughout the world even in a much more modern and globalized society like in Australia as much as in other continents. Perhaps, I would like to suggest for you present the argument from a global perspective where male inhabitant of the world nowadays are getting more and more pressure/insecure due to the strong emancipation female world inhabitant.
    It’s global phenomenon and not just in a post conflict country like Timor-Leste that “Domestic Violence is a legacy of conflict”. Just beware that we are only independent 9 years now, imagine what society we could become if we’ve got such conditions and accessibilities like what the others inhabitant have in other much more develop like n Europe, Australia and US.
    My friend Josh Trindade writes a great paper, which he inquired my assistance in editing it, the books focuses on the issue of Gender from Timorese and Timorese cultural perspective and I would like to suggest you to read it.